About us

We are a family in central Texas, located just outside of Austin, who breed labradoodles - we believe in family dogs - for companionship, therapy, hunting, and fun.
We provide our family raised puppies good forever homes to people all over the state of Texas and the continental United States.

About our dogs

Our sire is Denver, he is an AKC registered pure bred standard poodle - he comes from a line of dogs bred for show and therapy. Our dam is Shenandoah, she is an AKC registered pure bred labrador retriever - she comes from a line of dogs bred for hunting, she is extremely intelligent and takes well to commands. They are both our family dogs and reside with us.

Why labradoodles and not F1b labradoodles

With labradoodles that come from AKC registered parents you can be confident that you are getting a pure bred labradoodle, know that there is no inbreeding, and understand their lineage.

Grow your family

Maybe it's time for an addition to your family. If so, please contact us to inquire on current or upcoming litters.


If not located in Texas we can hand deliver a puppy to you - if you are in the continental United States - by flying it to you, for a travel fee (we don't try to make money on the travel fee - simply connect quality dogs with quality homes).

Current litters

Valentines Day 2019
Shenandoah and Denver just had a litter, puppies will be able be picked out for their forever home the week of Valentine's Day 2019.